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About Ocean Freight Rise Up
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The price of sea freight increased.
Due to the epidemic, shipping companies suspended too much shipping lines and containers, resulting in insufficient capacity. After that, there's also with military exercises, many routes were suspended.
For example, this month's goods will be delayed until the end of the month, so the position next month will be very tight, and the shipping department will have to raise the price to control the use of containers.
Customer's cooperation is required: confirm the order in time and do not wait passively for the reduction of sea freight.

How Blossom Cheer deal with: provide longer (from 1 week to 1 month) free storage time of factory inspection goods.
Suggestion to Buyer: confirm order and prepare goods as our sales advice, to avoid waiting the ocean freight ruse. Then choose a relative lower freight to ship products.

Tips: Blossom Cheer provide shipping assistance without make profit, we show the real cost directly from our shipping forwarder side, we can also introduce and you directorly contact our shipping partner.