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About Exchange Rate Between US Dollar And Chinese Yuan
Source: | Author:blossomcheer123 | Publish time: 2021-05-08 | 349 Views | Share:
In view of the continuous appreciation of the renminbi, as of the date of publication (8th, May), the minimum value of the US dollar and the renminbi is $1=¥6.41, and the renminbi is expected to continue to appreciate. In order to better serve our customers, we will adopt an intermittent fixed exchange rate for settlement.

When the actual exchange rate is ±3%, our quotation will be operated according to the new exchange rate. Please inform and serve customers well.

鉴于人民币不断升值,截止发文(8th, May)当日,美金与人民币最低为$1=¥6.41,且人民币有继续不断升值的预期。为了更好地服务客户,我们将采取间断固定汇率来进行结算。