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Free Storage, Respond To The Impact Of Rising Ocean Freight
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Reasons For Freight Rise

Due to the continuous impact of the global new crown pneumonia, especially the severe epidemic in some countries, the overall shipping company's capacity is insufficient, the number of containers is limited, and the supply and demand of shipping are imbalanced, resulting in continuous increases in ocean freight prices.

Our Solution

The factors leading to the increase in shipping costs may not be resolved in the short term, but considering that the shipping costs deviate from the conventional price, it is not ruled out that the possibility of faster improvement can be obtained. In order to better serve customers and reduce the impact of freight charges on orders, the company decided to provide free storage services, extending the free storage time to 60 days, and extending the free storage time to 90 days for project orders.

Special Statement

  1. It is not allowed to cancel orders that have entered production on the grounds of freight and related freight factors.
  2. The ocean freight at the order or quotation stage is only for reference. When the final ocean freight has a gap of ±5% or more, the actual freight at the time of delivery will be charged.
  3. We welcome and actively cooperate with Buyer's own freight forwarders. If you don’t have experience in freight forwarding and importing, as a value-added service, BLOSSOM CHEER will not make any profit on freight, we will directly connect with the shipping company and screen the best plan to share cost price with you. You pay the freight and we can do it on your behalf or introduce the freight forwarder to you.