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About Product Customization And MOQ Requirements For Business Partners
Source: | Author:Blossom Cheer | Published time: 2022-03-01 | 567 Views | Share:

In order to better serve customers and benefit from our professional and specific advantages, we will continue to be committed to leading and serving Business End customers, including wholesalers, real estate and project companies, design companies, trading companies, etc.

For retail household customers, if there is no cooperative wholesaler in your local area, we will recommend products of conventional stock materials. The specific MOQ and requirements are as follows:

Product TypeCustomization MOQDescription

Paint-free doors, including melamine doors, HPL doors (with fire-resistant function, unlicensed), carbon metal doors, etc.

50 units

If the quantity is 6-50 sets, only our conventional stock materials will be selected.If the total purchase quantity of regular inventory products is still less than 6 sets, no service will be provided.

Composite wooden paint doors, including wood veneer paint and lacquer pure color paint door

60 units

Under the premise that only the same process and style can be different in size, if there are at least one class of such products with a quantity of more than 30 sets, it can be customized.If the quantity is between 6-30 sets, no customization is accepted, only our conventional classic product technology category is selected.

WPC door (excellent waterproof performance)

60 units

In the number of 10-60 sets, select and recommend conventional classic product and color.

Fire Rated Door (Certified)

100 units

If the quantity is 20-60 sets, conventional classic products can be recommended.

For more details, please contact us.

For Business End customer, but the current quantity does not meet the above minimum order quantity requirements, the order belongs to the test sample type, You need to provide company information, such as business cards, websites and other information, so as to facilitate our filing, and then as a special test list to operate.