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Sample Type, Price & Recommendation
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The sample door production cost is not less than that of large-scale production, which is not something that can be solved by a few dollars. It is also troublesome to make large-scale wooden doors, and it generally also involves queuing and priority arrangement. For our regular customers who have cooperated, we can provide product samples at half price.

For new Businiess End customers who have not cooperated (Retail Side Customer sample production service will not provided), our charging standards are as follows:

CatagorySmall Sample Door LeafMini Full Set DoorNormal Size Sample Door


Door leaf 20cm x 20cm

500mm high * 300mm wide

Customized according to requirements


Highlight the details of the product's material, color and finish effec

The whole set of reduced-size door technology, see all the details from the small.

Can be installed and used on site, suitable for model room exhibition hall, etc.

$300.00/set =$50

$700.00/set =$115.00

The quotation is 2 times the unit price of the bulk order. According to the customize process to make quotation, the transfer fee in the hardware factory shall be added.When placing a large order, half of the sample amount will be used as a deposit for the large order.

Not included, if necessary, it will be counted separately.

Configure alumina hardware (pictured)


Pearl cotton + carton

Pearl cotton + carton + wooden cas

Bulk goods need to be packed in wooden cases.

The cost is calculated separately and is expected to be $80-$120.

Fastest Production Time

5 days

7 day


NoteThe production time will be calculated after the confirmation of the plan, and after receiving the full amount of the sample.Special needs can be verified separately.