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Project Solution

The project solution is not only to produce products, but also has a comprehensive plan that takes into account the project party and user groups. It involves many aspects such as project branding, product functions, project special design, overall plan budget, products and follow-up services. Professional and standardized team project solution is the core requirement to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
BLOSSOM CHEER Office Project Solution

Why Different Needs For Different Project Solution

Different Projects Have Different Characteristics And Concerns
    Hospital Project

    Hospital Project

    Doors and windows used in medical institutions need to meet various special functional requirements such as ventilation, protection, sound insulation, easy cleaning, etc., and provide waiting spaces, wards, testing, surgical spaces and other spaces with different needs that must meet strict standards and specifications 

    Hotel project

    Hotel project

    In accordance with the corresponding grade standards of the hotel's construction equipment, scale, service quality, management level, etc., we provide customized door and window products with excellent sound insulation performance and in line with hotel star standards for hotel guest room meetings, banquets, social and other public spaces.

    School (Kindergarten) Project

    School (Kindergarten) Project

    Kindergarten is the second home for children. Door and window products need to be inclusive (meet the needs of children and take into account the needs of adults), safety requirements such as anti-hand pinching, flexibility, product durability and other requirements, and comply with the design specifications of kindergarten doors.
    The other products for school-age students at all stages are mainly designed and produced from a safety perspective.

    Office Project

    Office Project

    Various products are customized according to the project apartment grade, style, etc. Because the apartment itself does not have special industry standards and a wide range of options are available, the main issues are based on the specific needs of the project party to carry out targeted customization.

General Procurement Process For Project Solution

Step 1

Project Initiation (Communication)

The project plan is approved and team members know their responsibilities and tasks. The project manager begins to work on the details of product and supplier docking.

Step 2

Project Execution (Conclude Order)

Confirm details, including material, design, color, process, etc., and enter the production stage.

Step 3

Project Monitoring (Follow-Up Phase)

Users can actively obtain the progress of the project, finished product pictures, videos, reports, etc., and can participate in the supervision of any links that require deeper understanding, and jointly ensure an understanding of the progress of the project.

Order Tracking

Step 4

Project Delivery & After-Sale Service

Product freight coordination and delivery, while entering into product installation guidance and follow-up links, assisting the project party in solving product-related project site work.

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Project door size and quantity list, refer drawing or door style

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Like design, color, materials etc., better share your refer drawing

Further Deep Details

Project positioning, construction progress, procurement plan, budget and other details, more specific information can help to make professional solutions.

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