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Is melamine veneer good for doors?

Is melamine veneer good for doors?

Update Time:2023/9/9

Yes. Melamine veneer, referred to as melamine board, also known as veneer, also known as one-time forming board; it is made of base material and melamine-impregnated paper by high-temperature pressing. The base material includes MDF, particle board, moisture-proof board, and plywood. etc. Its biggest advantages are environmental protection, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, simplicity and convenience, etc. It is the first choice for custom wooden doors and panel furniture.

  1. 1. The decorative effect is excellent. Its outer layer has a melamine paper film. The texture and color of this layer of film can be controlled according to people's needs. The color is bright and colorful, with various patterns, and the decorative effect is excellent.
  1. 2. Excellent physical properties, its smooth surface is a kind of product with balanced structure, not easy to deform, and excellent hardness. Compared with other materials, it has good wear resistance and dirt resistance, and can resist the erosion of ordinary acids, alkalis, oils and alcohols.